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Building Permit & Completion

A construction permit or building permit is a permit required in most jurisdictions for new construction,or adding onto pre-existing structures,and in some cases for major renovations.Generally,the new construction must be inspected during construction and after completion to ensure compliance with national,regional,and local building codes.Failure to obtain a permit can result in significant fines and penalties,and even demolition of unauthorized construction if it cannot be made to meet code. We are leading building permit company in thrissur, kerala
 When you want to construct a building anywhere in Kerala,you will have to obtain Building Permit and Approved Plan and other drawings related to that building from concerned Local authority like Corporation/Municipality/Panchayath as the case may be as per provisions of Kerala Building Rules,1998,subsequent amendments and related decisions /restrictions imposed by the local authority concerned. Drawings prepared and Building Permit  application will have to be signed and sealed by an Architects/ licensed Engineer/Supervisor.
I will give here a few important provisions of Kerala Building Rules:
1. You will have to leave minimum 3M on road facing sides of plot.
2. You will have to leave 1M and 1.2M on either sides of plot.
3.You will have to leave 1.5M on rear side.
Building Permit is issued for three years and can be renewed after that period against specific request to that effect.
There are restrictions imposed by Coastal Restricted Zones Act of central government on building near rivers and lakes.There are restrictions for construction near main roads and National Highways.There are specific zones assigned by concerned local authority restricting certain type of construction in that zone.